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"Life in the Biosphere" Tour

gord-bisonExperience the Authentic - In Saskatchewan's only Biosphere Reserve. Come and enjoy the saline Redberry Lake and its surrounding 112,200 hectares of aspen parkland with natural prairie, seasonal ponds and marshes, amazing skies, sunsets and Northern Lights, with a vast variety of birds and wildlife and a rich heritage.

Early birds… Bring your binoculars and your camera! Combine the perfect light of a Saskatchewan morning with a guided scenic drive through the Biosphere Reserve.

Starting at the Research & Education Centre we will take you on a tour to get a glimpse of the vast variety of birds, water fowls and other wildlife. We will also take you to our favorite places reflecting nature and culture. (2 hours; $60)


canoeingCombine the perfect light of a Saskatchewan morning with a paddle tour on Redberry Lake. We will equip you with a canoe or kayak and show you why Redberry Lake and its four islands are a Federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary and dedicated as an Important Bird Area (IBA). (2 hours; $60)

Come back to the Research & Education Centre, sit on our patio overlooking Redberry Lake, listen to the sounds of summer and enjoy your second breakfast / lunch (bring your own or book a special lunch with homemade and locally grown goodies ($15)).

farmerFortified by your lunch, you can either continue your travels or experience life at a typical Saskatchewan small scale farm*: visit a bee keeper, ride a horse, see cows, pigs or other more exotic farm animals like bison and elk up close, talk to the landowners or drive a big machine through a field. ($60)

*Depending on availability.
Above rates are per person based on double occupancy. Rates do not include applicable taxes or fees.

This packages is made available through Canada Nature Escapes.


Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve
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Hafford, SK
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